Should you vote for Steve Pearce?

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Bottom of Form·  A work in progress:  This is the first cut at the website . The goal is to help educate voters by presenting some things to consider before you vote. But, do not take our word for it, do the research. There are only a few links to the source of the information at this time but we will add those as time progresses. You can help if you support our cause (see below).

·  So, you are a registered Republican:
The initial author of this website is a registered Republican who has considerable issues with the direction of the GOP and with the current administration (State and Federal).  Now that Steve Pearce is running for Governor of New Mexico, it may be prudent to consider his past support for the policies of Donald Trump, Speaker Ryan and other far right GOP legislators.  Steve (by has recent votes) is a tea party person, NOT of the Grand Old Party. Before you vote a straight ticket, please consider and compare your values and positions on some of the most important issues facing New Mexico with the demonstrated positions and past votes of Steve Pearce while in Congress. Beware of what Mr. Pearce is now saying as a candidate for Governor is probably not how he voted, and probably finely tuned to win the election - not necessarily what he will really support as Governor.  Most of what candidates from both parties say may not match what they have done or what they will do.
We ask you to vote for what you believe and support - not just a party line. If you support the GOP and Steve Pearce and the GOP without thought or research then you will probably not see any point in continuing to read, but if you are a registered Independent or a Republican who has been concerned about the direction of the GOP (as many of us registered republicans who support this website are) then please consider some of the following items before you vote.  If you think you must vote with the GOP on many issues but do not want to continue with the recent trend to the far right - perhaps just NOT voting for Steve Pearce is a possible solution for you. Or, you could vote for Michelle Lujan Grisham. Take a look at the following items to perhaps entice you to do some more research.  Do not take for granted that Steve Pearce is the old time GOP who, as Governor, will work for compromise between New Mexico Democratic and Republican Legislators. His record in the US Congress seems to indicate otherwise.

·  President Trump and the Tea Party (now called Cult 45):
Even our current Governor has not been a big supporter of the current federal administration, by she whill probably support Steve Pearce - a current member of a congress who does. We came to believe that the Grand Old Party stood for family values, Christian morals, and, well, being nice!. Remember the slogan 'passionate conservatives'? No longer true! Even the party leaders are concerned with the split in the GOP.  Steve is a tea party person, NOT of the Grand Old Party! Before running for Governor, Steve Pearce had not taken a public stand about Donald Trump’s indiscretions.  Instead he remained silent hoping we will assume that he disapproves of Donald Trump’s affairs with several mistresses and requiring them to sign NDAs.  Before you decide to vote for Steve, consider what his values are – at least what he is willing to accept in the name of the tea party agenda. He may say he disapproves now but what about while he was in congress. Will he allow such behavior from his staff or appointees?  And what about the un-truths (really just outright lies) that the President continues to put forth.  Some are just for show an impact, but some are really harmful to our nation and Steve has not criticized the POTUS to our knowledge. Do you think Congressmen (and a Governor) should take a stand against persons who are un-truthful not to mention immoral?  Will he, as Governor, he let his administration partake of such small lies, or large lies – stand by, not take a stand?   Especially beware if the President or persons in his administration endorse Steve Pearce.

·  Immigration:
Steve voted with republicans in congress multiple times for the border wall. Studies have shown that a massive wall is not really going to stop the rape and plunder that the GOP thinks are done by non-registered immigrants.  Only recently has the GOP even considered or proposed any immigration reform in cooperation with the Democrats.  Steve has not stood up and proposed any compromises – leaving thousands or Dreamers in a state of panic. He took no stand when Donald Trump canceled the Dreamers Act. No doubt he will take a more progressive stand now that he is running for Governor, but what is his real agenda.  He may have said he favored Immigration reform but his votes prove otherwise. For many years, while in Congress, Mr. Pearce did not take a stand against removing children from their parents when applying for legal status as refugees, many victims of severe violence, until public pressure forced him to do so.  How is that possible? Why did it take so long? Ask him what he would have happen to the children - or even the parents.  Send them back to Mexico (they come from many different countries)?  Leave them in jail? He will have a good answer today but remember how he voted or refused to take a stand until it became a big deal. His actions (or lack of) should speak louder that his current words. 

·  Health Care
Steve voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act multiple times.  How many times.  xx times! (add link) It seems that little thought went into the various votes to repeal and replace the ACA - most votes in Congress were just for show to point out how much the GOP and Steve Pearce dislike President Obama.  There were NO votes to fix the issues with the current program. Instead, Steve just votes with his republican buddies to do anything to discredit what was a fairly good first attempt to correct our really bad health care system.  It would have been better if he worked with some of his Democratic Congressmen to propose reasonable change. Instead he took the hard stand to the right.  Is he afraid of compromise?  How will that work out as the Governor of our state? Since going to press, the GOP has now proposed legislation – wow what nice people.  Will they again hold the Dreamers at ransom while they insist there be money for a grandiose wall?  We predict that Steve will go along with the crowd – then point out how great he and the GOP is.  Politics at its worse. 

·  Oil and Gas:
Steve support the oil and gas industry whole heartily and New Mexico need the revenue from our oil and gas resources.  However, he has not seemed to support any type of restrictions on fracking, or private land owners rights to protect their water or air quality.  How would you feel if an oil company put a drilling rig in your 2 acres then the pump smelly or or even put in a gas vent.  Ask him if supported the rights of Mora County residents when they asked for legislation to at least restrict fracking or at least require monitor of water to prevent pollution. Never mind, do not ask him - check out how he voted on HB -xxx. 

·  Right to Life:
Although not very applicable to the Governor position, Steve Pearce supports the ultra-right position on Abortion and birth control.  Consider how this position based on religious beliefs compares with the constitution’s principle of separation of church and state. Should our government really legislate religious beliefs or should that be left up to a woman and her family.  Would you want Steve to tell you that you cannot have an abortion when the child was conceived by a rape by an illegal Mexican drug dealer and has a birth defect that will result in a life in a wheelchair?  Steve does not care. If you are undecided about abortion rights perhaps not voting for someone who may try to restrict your rights and the rights of millions of women is the right thing to do.  Remember, progressives do not want legislation to force abortions for born again Christians. (Pun intended). 

·  Taxes:
Steve Pearce voted for large tax cuts for the very wealthy even though the economy was doing better than the last GOP administration and was still improving. We normal persons may see a small
tax cut but remember, that goes away after a few years and only the huge corporate taxes and taxes on the very rich remain in effect.  Remember also that the tax cut left a huge deficit and is now growing the national debt at a rate never before seen.  So, we the people have taken out a huge loan we cannot pay back and the corporations make more profit.  The GOP has for years claimed to support a balanced budged so why did Steve vote for this deficit increase?  Will he want to cut taxes for New Mexico rich and corporations?  Doing so will require cuts in many important programs since New Mexico requires a balance budget. Ready for more cuts in education, state parks, law enforcement, and many other programs you probably support - and programs that help support you and the infrastructure you use daily..  Consider this when you vote. 

·  Cannabis:
Steve Pearce has not taken a stand to support the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes.  You may be unfamiliar with the facts about cannabis. Cannabis has finally been studied enough to clearly indicate many uses for medical purposes and New Mexico does have a medical Marijuana program. That, program however is very limited in what cannabis can be prescribed for.  In addition to get a MM card costs more than some families can afford.  Legalizing cannabis would lower the cost for medical use.  Regarding the recreational use of cannabis, here are some facts to consider.  Many persons use cannabis which makes those many citizens of New Mexico criminals.  Albuquerque and Santa Fe have already de-criminalized cannabis - but that does not stop the sale of illegal cannabis of unknown origin and by persons associated with drug cartels.  Purchasing cannabis on the street is dangerous and murders have been associated with those persons and purchases.  Many New Mexicans who do not want to associate with the drug dealers just go to Colorado and purchase their cannabis.  Here are the issues with that: 1. It is still illegal.  2. Colorado receives the revenue from those purchases - not New Mexico.   Colorado has increased tourist revenue (more taxes from hotels and other tourist activities) and the taxes on cannabis sales has increased their revenue without income tax increases.  Like cigarettes, users pay the taxes, not those who do not partake. Most studies have shown that the majority of voters approve of some legalization of cannabis for recreational use and that legalization has not created significant increases in crime – some studies even indicate a reduction in crime.  Yes, you can find a few studies that show an increase in traffic accidents but those studies did not mention the reduction in DWI from alcohol.  Several studies now show that legalization of cannabis has reduced the number of Opioid deaths significantly. Did you know that cannabis use is LESS additive than coffee and there are no recorded deaths from cannabis overdose. Please educate yourself on cannabis.  Here are some good sites to do that:

· Other things you should fear:

It seems the strategy of the current GOP (Tea Party) to win your vote is to create something to fear, the give you a solution to ease your fear. For instance, you should:
Fear rape: No, the GOP will stop immigration of Mexicans and build a big wall. (Fact: rape by illegal immigrants is far less than by white supremacists – who by the way praise the current tea party.
Fear death: No, Stop the immigration of Muslims.  Fact: The vast majority of mass killings are done by white, citizens of the USA.  (And most of those were influenced by fear caused by far right, racist leaders)
Fear the progressives: They will legislate away all your freedom by legislation.  No matter that the GOP has already and will continue to legislate away the rights of women.  

Remember, Steve is a far right GOP person (read that as ‘tea party’). 

·  Gun Control:

As residents of a rural state we all have guns – well most of us do.  We use them safely for hunting or for fun.  So, why is ‘gun control’ such a bad thing to discuss? The answer is the NRA the organization many of us joined as kids, who helped us learn gun safety and how hit the bull’s eye with our target 22LR. However, the NRA and Steve Pearce are not supporting any sort of effective gun control. Do you really want a person who suffers from extreme mental condition, who has demonstrated to be a danger to the public or to their family to have access to an AK-47 or AR-15 or even a colt 45?  Steve is supported by the NRA – consider that when you vote or the next person killed by a crazy person with a gun may be you – or your child.

·  Education:

All politicians always talk up their solutions to education.  This will probably be a wash in deciding how to vote for Governor. There is lots of talks, lots of meetings, and lots of BS but our schools are still not up to par.  Be wary though of any strategy that supports private education over public schools. Private schools have their place but NOT at the expense of lowering the quality of or the access to public schools. Will Steve Pearce raise taxes to help our public schools? 

You can help if you have information to share?

We obviously are not very supportive of Steve Pearce for Governor of New Mexico. Send us an e-mail at  If you submit information (especially references that support our claims and our cause (Never Pearce) we will be happy to add that to this site.  If you see an outright lie in our website, feel free to point that out as we do not want to do really big bad lies, but we may behave a little like Donald Trump from time to time just to get our point across.  Let us know if you are a registered Republican who just does not like the way the GOP is headed.  We will NOT share your email or other personal information unless you specifically request we do so. That is a promise we will keep.